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On your flash drive are Accountant’s Changes which need to be imported into your QuickBooks file. Once done, the Accountant’s Copy restrictions will be removed and your QuickBooks will be up-to-date.

Here are the steps to help you import the needed changes:

Plug your flash drive into your computer and note which drive letter it comes up as (generally E or F)

Open and log into your QuickBooks company file.

Go to File – Send Company File – Accountant’s Copy – Import Accountant’s Changes from File…

The next box is asking for the location of the file. Browse to the flash drive’s location and select the Accountant’s Change file (has a .QBY extension), and then click Open

The next box shows changes that were made in your file. All you need to do is click Incorporate Accountant’s Changes (the long button in the lower right portion of the screen)

It will say that it needs to close all windows – click OK

Then you will be asked to save a backup of your data before importing changes – click OK

Click OK if your QuickBooks company file is stored over a network

Once you see the Save Backup Copy window, select the location where you would like to save a backup. This could be your regular backup location, the flash drive, your desktop, or any location of your choosing – click OK

Once the backup has completed, your changes will import and a PDF of the changes will be created. It will note the location of the PDF if you would like to view it – click OK

Make sure that it says that your changes have all imported successfully

The next window asks if you would like to set a closing date and password. This is optional and generally is not recommended. However, should you choose to say Yes and set the closing date and password, make sure the closing date is your year end (your fiscal year end or 12/31 of the prior year) and make a note of your password (and put this in a safe location). If you forget this information, you cannot remove the restriction later if necessary. It is best to say No to this option. If you have questions on this step, please contact us.

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